Signature Project

This semester I am taking a course Signature Project. This class is unlike any other I have experienced. I am just getting out of my comfort zone, practicing my public speaking skills, teamwork skills, and research abilities. I am also becoming familiar with blogging here on WordPress. I am going to keep blogging here to discuss my class and what we accomplish in it.

Studies in Communication and Media

Symposium Paper  

The paper that is attached discusses how media effects concerning how specific media or a specific type of media messages influence the way we communicate with one another. I chose to attach this paper because i thought it is a great way of how the media portrays people in different ways and how people use specific social media apps. In the paper I talked about how I think Instagram is the most used app within people using a social media platform.

I chose this specific artifact because it also relates to our Studies in Communication and Media class due to the interest of learning about different types of social media platforms and how the media portrays in many different ways to all people. This paper came from my other current class called, “Media Effects”. I thought it was relevant to discuss this because I thought I did a great job on the paper that is attached and  how we communicate through a social media app and what makes it so difficult for others to understand.

This artifact was successful because i thought it was relevant to this class and it also was interesting to talk about because it was a recent paper that i had finished with effort and hard work. Also, the paper that I wrote discussed what specific type of media messages influence the way we communicate with one another and     how we go about with the media within today’s society.